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Seek Justice

My husband and I had the privilege of visiting the “city of brotherly love” for a national gathering on the crucial role of justice in the world. It was one of our Christmas gifts… so much better than a sweater!  We discussed the necessity of the global North to recognize the pressing needs of the global South through partnership and collaboration and also to pay attention to the injustices in our own neighborhoods through issues of immigration, food security, criminalization and education. Recognizing the value present in each individual, and our equality is the basic foundational understanding, that if fully realized, would produce a fight in each of us for the rights of others.

A few of the organizations present were: photo-1

  • Trade As One: Live Simply, Buy Ethically
  • World Relief: Stand for the vulnerable (refugees, widows, orphans, those devastated by natural disasters or conflicts)
  • International Justice Mission: Work to rescue slaves, provide aftercare, and prosecute perpetrators through the public justice system, ensuring that local laws work on behalf of the poor
  • Food for the Hungry : Create culturally sensitive solutions to solving hunger
  • Sojournors: faith in action for social justice
  • World Vision: Provide school sponsorship for at-risk, impoverished children around the world; Also, check out their Beyond 5 Campaign, working to ensure that more children have birthdays beyond the age of five (19,000 children under 5 die A DAY of preventable causes)
  • Water Is Basic: empowering South Sudan with clean water wells
  • Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Company: “Forgiveness Wins” Built a sustainable coffee company through forgiveness after the Rwandan genocide
  • TOMS: Buy a pair give a pair 🙂 Check out their new spring styles or host a shoe painting b-day party!
  • Pure Charity: “Live a lifestyle of generosity. Personalize your philanthropy.”
  • The rest of the exhibitor list, including missions organizations, fair trade products/programs

It’s definitely a lot to take in, even just this small glimpse of the struggles that the precious people of our world face, but the hope is that organizations like these are working to create change, and the opportunity is that you too can be a part of it!

Find the issue that keeps you awake at night, that you can’t take one more minute of, and get involved, tell friends, build support and maybe even FORGO on behalf of others. Sacrifice is not easy, but I’ve found the more you give, the less you need, and the happier you become!

Here’s a quick video about the idea of forgoing small things in our everyday life and utilizing it to make BIG IMPACT!


2 comments on “Seek Justice

  1. Jeniene
    March 9, 2013

    Your words are inspiring as is the video.
    You make your Mama proud:)

  2. Tammy
    April 14, 2013

    What a cool video. The gathering that you attended sounds amazing.

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