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Some New Specks

So for my birthday gift, I am being practical, and asking for new glasses. There is a local shop that I found a pair I loved in, but of course the ones I drifted to would be nearly $500 with the frames and the prescription lenses. That’s where Warby Parker comes in. Not even sure where I first heard of the eye glass company, but after perusing their website, stylish designs, and saw that the package deal was less than $100, I was hooked!

Warby Parker

Two things that distinguish Warby from other retailers is their free (yes, FREE!), home try-on program,   and their one-for-one program, similar to TOMS in that for every pair you purchase, the company donates a pair through VisionSpring to someone in need of fresh sight. Corporately they are proud to address the issues related to the 1 billion people worldwide who lack access to glasses, and subsequently struggle in their professions and educational endeavors.

For the home try-on program you can choose 5 pairs of glasses to be shipped to your front door via UPS, reflect on their style and shape for 5 days, and send them back in a pre-paid box. No pressure to purchase, but I’m sure you’ll fall in love as I did!

Here’s the five I chose in the order that they appear: Fitz, Finn, Reece, Zagg, and Miles

fitz-whiskey-tortoisewomens-eyewear-finn-eyeglass-frame-light-tortoisewomens-eyewear-reece-eyeglass-frame-dark-tortoise womens-eyewear-zagg-eyeglass-frame-striped-tortoisewomens-eyewear-miles-eyeglass-frame-light-tortoise

After showing them off  to some friends, the winner is… FINN! I can’t wait for them to arrive! I feel smarter already 😉


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