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Giving Tuesday

Today is the Tuesday after a Thursday filled with an abundant table and a heart of thankfulness, a Friday, Saturday and Monday filled with deals a plenty from various stores, brick and morter, local, and cyber alike, and today is Tuesday. Today is being distinguished as “Giving Tuesday”, where we are encouraged to give the first fruits of the holiday season to a cause we care about to make change and spread holiday cheer. I have always been favorable of the idea, to give from the blessings that we have received to bless others. But a question to ponder, do I truly give my best before I consume, or do I merely give out of what is left over after my own indulgence? How does our giving reflect where our values lie?

This holiday season I want to be intentional about giving first, for that is truly what this season is all about.

Add to the conversation and encourage others to give by using #GivingTuesday on social media platforms and follow along at Giving Tuesday!



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