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Layover turned Green Retreat

Last week, as I was travelling to Alabama for an unexpected funeral, I was in a constant state of motion, both in my mind, and physically, bouncing from Grand Rapids, to Detroit, to Chicago, to Atlanta, to Birmingham and back again. In the midst of this commute, in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, I found a sliver of peace quite unexpectedly. Making my way to my next gate, I stumbled upon a market full of healthy, life-giving snacks, quite contrary to the normal M & M’s I usually find (and endulge in). As I began reading about this unique green market, in the middle of the country’s 2nd largest airport’s hustle and bustle, I noticed that the next floor housed an organic garden! This upright garden uses a unique filtration system (aeroponics) to nourish the plants, which enables them to thrive without soil, recycles water, and uses less space to grow! The produce is utilized in airport restaurants such as Chicago’s own Frontera Grill, providing food for over 10,000 people per year!

So next time you are scheduling a trip, don’t be disappointed if your layover lands you in O’Hare, there is healthy, sustainable food that you can literally watch grow 🙂

Oh, and PS: Stop at Argo Tea as well- sustainable, creative, and delicious teas and tea-infused veggie and grain bowls/sandwiches to nourish you while you jet-set.



One comment on “Layover turned Green Retreat

  1. Tammy
    November 24, 2012

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve always thought that airports could provide an escape zone of some sort.

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