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Farm to Table

I just had to post a video from a truly farm-to-table restaurant in my neighborhood, it’s so beautiful what they’ve done at Trillium Haven! What began as a back to our roots endeavor to create local food in their CSA farm, is, over a decade later, now able to invite the larger community to see why local, seasonal ingredients not only taste great on the palette, but leave your spirit feeling fuller, more satisfied, because of the holistic experience they create.

My favorite idea in the video has to do with the creativity that springs out of limitations. That maybe renovating, restoring, or recreating what we have, whether that be a tattered sweater, nicked up dresser, or the limited ingredients that the winter season brings to the Midwest, challenges us to think beyond what we see. Maybe it is our limitless lifestyle, our ability to consume and purchase anything from anywhere, utilizing fruits from exotic, far-away islands, that is really limiting us… or at least our imaginations.



2 comments on “Farm to Table

  1. Tammy
    October 27, 2012

    Great post and great video. We’re having a special dinner next weekend where a top local chef cooks at the farm for us. I cannot wait.

    • sustainablysmitten
      November 14, 2012

      That sounds fantastic! How did the dinner go? I love hearing details of fabulous meals 🙂

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