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International Day of the Girl

On this day, set apart each year to advocate for rights of young girls around the world, Half the Sky, the book on which the documentary in last week’s post is based, just hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list!!!! This is incredible seeing as the book’s premise regarding human rights abuse of women and girls is an unlikely choice for most readers, which shows the power of social media to engage the public in social awareness, hopefully leading to social action. The Half the Sky movement is active on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter (the author Nicholas Kristoff has 1.3 million followers!), Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Google +, and Four Square as well as running the 30 Songs for 30 Days campaign which allows listerners to download a song donated from a leading artist everyday. Each avenue of engagement has touchpoints in diverse communities and groups, expanding their reach all the more. Social media, when used for this capacity, is so exciting as it makes me wonder if this might be the tool that could energize and educate the masses to really change the world. When we know what issues exist, and evenmore, how to address them, I think humanity wants to act and be a part of bringing more good to the world. Hopefully this charged up movement can carry steam and really be sustainable.

In honor of Internatioanal Day of the Girl, a few remarkable women gave comments on what they would tell their 15-year old self. I thought these were worth a read and maybe even a forward to the young girls in our life … even though I, in my mid-twenties, could stand to use some of this advice msyelf!

Also, I’d be remissed if on this day I didn’t mention the young, fourteen-year-old  Pakistani girl Malala who stood up for peace and advocated for girls’ education, and now is lying in critical condition after having been shot at her bus-stop by the Taliban, solely because of this courageous stance. The fierce bravery this young girl had was fueled with the deep belief that all girls should have a chance at learning, and had committed her life to that cause, even raising money for impoverished girls to attend school. I am humbled by her action, and my prayer is that she rises without aliment to keep fighting this fight for girls in her country.


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