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Vote Art

Election season is upon us, and frankly I’d rather talk about how throngs of people are in the city of Grand Rapids to vote on ART than how any one candidate may be fairing at the moment. Individuals are voting on art that moves them, that they are surprised by, or that they just plain enjoy, but the thing that gets them to vote is the belief that their “voice” matters more than once every 4 years. What would cities look like if individuals found that their involvement in community was this significant?

This is ArtPrize‘s 4th year of filling the city with art, conversation, and people from every background who are here to see what all the hype is about. The most inspiring aspect about the event is the ways in which it engages the community to talk about something contrary to the the ordinary, to get outside and interact with public spaces, and to explore new areas of town. There is a rich enthusiasm, and adventuresome spirit when you walk around, that people are ready to experience, ready to engage. I seriously can’t get enough of it!

Round one of voting ends tomorrow night, with the Top 10 being announced on Sunday at 1pm. I still have so much more to see (there are 1,517 entries in all) but so far my top picks for venues are Fashion Has A HeartHigh FiveUICA, Calvin College’s 106 GalleryKendall CollegeSite Lab, and the GRAM. If you are in town, be sure to register to vote, and let me know what your favorites were!

What community events bring enthusiasm and energy to your town, where you can’t help but feel that you are so proud to call this place home?



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