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Kickstarter: Impact Investing For Everyone

Last year while working with ArtPrize, I found that a few of the artists were utilizing Kickstarter as a funding platform for their creative ideas. It turns out they weren’t the only ones, TIME even gave them a nod, ranking them on a short list of best inventions in 2010 and best websites in 2011. Since their inception, nearly 28,000 projects worldwide have been “kickstarted”  from over 2 million individuals just like me and you, rallying around good ideas with pledges from $1 to $1000’s, but equalling in the hundreds of millions of dollars overall. That’s what Kickstarter is all about, the belief that ideas have the potential to shape our world and when communicated well can spread far and wide!

This platform is so exciting to me because it provides ordinary and extraordinary visionaries an avenue to pursue and share their ideas with others, and gives them the hope of watching their dreams come to life. Hope pushes past our thoughts on what limitations exist, expanding on a vision of what is possible. Additionally, this model relies on others to make creative projects come alive, empowering the creative as well as the supporter to play a part in meaningful or change-making projects coming to fruition. Sponsoring projects at a local level also has the capacity to create solutions or provide goods and services in your community that you can enjoy. For instance, my husband and I had the privilege of sponsoring Tree Huggers, a package-less grocery store just around the corner from our house. We literally voted for a new store concept with our dollar, and now filling up a jar with anything from beans to laundry detergent is just a few steps away from our house.

Each week I plan on choosing one project to highlight on the blog that I find to be particularly intriguing or packing a sustainable punch. So without any further ado, this week’s project is Children’s ABC Wallet Cards.


Grand Rapids native, Marie-Claire Camp’s innovative idea was inspired by the fact that kids, particularly her twin boys, LOVE to rummage through wallets and play with plastic credit/gift cards which contain harmful PVC and are dominated by store logos, while paper flash cards disintegrate quickly when they find little one’s mouths, as the always seem to do! These “indestructible” cards are BPA free, recyclable, FDA approved, AND the gorgeous illustrations are printed with food-safe ink!

To get the project off the ground and distributed into the hands of sustainable-minded mamas, the goal for the project is $12, 570 of which they already have $4000 pledged. Kickstarter projects are ONLY funded if they reach the FULL pledge amount by their target date. So let’s rally around this mom, who actively found a solution for her children’s playtime needs that can educate and protect thousands of kiddies not to mention do something good for the planet.

Outside of the good feelings that come when you sponsor a project, there is one other fun, motivating feature of Kickstarter that is worth mentioning… there are gifts and incentives associated with different pledge amounts. Check them out on the right side of any Kickstarter page. Happy investing!


3 comments on “Kickstarter: Impact Investing For Everyone

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  2. did not know about this, thank you for sharing, what an innovative program.

  3. sustainablysmitten
    October 17, 2012

    If anyone is interested in buying a set of these cards for yourself, they were fully funded through kickstarter and you can purchase them here:

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