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Farmer’s Market Finds

With this stream of beautiful weather we have been having, I think it’s fair to say that summer is upon us and here to stay! There is no better place than Michigan in the summer. Already I have filled my days with farmer’s markets, outside concerts in the park, art fairs, local festivals, ice cream and gorgeous Lake Michigan beaches!

One of my favorite things about summer is that we can eat nearly 100% sourced from our local farmer’s market. There is nothing like knowing the people behind the food you eat, it really does add to the experience! In our house, in an attempt to cut down on our impact on the earth, we strive to eat meatless whenever possible, or buy poultry from a local organic, free-range farm.

When we began eating vegetarian it was a transition attempting to think of things to cook. I hope to bring some ease to your life if you are charting down a more veggie friendly path. “Meatless Mondays” could be a way to phase in green dinners onto your family’s table. Here’s a helpful resource to find a farmers market nearest you… remember to bring a basket or reusable bag!

I thought I’d share one of my current favorite recipes, utilizing that beautiful fresh asparagus!

Michigan Asparagus Tacos

You will need:

Corn Tortillas



Option for beans

Red Bell Pepper



Chilli Powder

* Blend sour cream, lime, cilantro, and salt for a savory, creamy taco spread. 

1.  Grill or pan fry veggies with EVOO and the cumin and chilli powder. If you like things spicy, throw in a chopped chipotle pepper in Adobo sauce or a seeded jalapeño.

2. Heat the tortillas quickly in a pan and then smear with the savory sour cream blend. Fill with veggies to your heart’s delight!

Do you have a favorite farmer’s market recipe that reminds you of summer? If so, I’d love to try it!


One comment on “Farmer’s Market Finds

  1. Yum! can’t wait to try this. and love the sug for Meatless Mondays. A gentle way to introduce my highly carnivorous husband to greener alternatives. 🙂

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